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Summer- 2010
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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Who would've known...

I have had my share of doctor's visits, health problems, surgeries...heck, I almost died during pregnancy with my son. However, I'm pretty sure the hardest thing I've had to face to date was last week when my 3 year old boy had to get a tooth pulled. This should not be that big of a deal. Well, putting a 3 year old under antisthesia when he is the light in your life, the reason your heart beats, the purpose for your surreal.

Last Christmas Wyatt and our dog were outside playing in the ice. As we know, snow and ice in Texas is rare so I try and let my kids experience all things new and interesting in this world. Of course one thing leads to another and my boy is knocked over by my dog. Wyatt falls to the concrete, knocking a tooth out of place.Well, it bled for a few moments- then the realization that boys will be boys swept through my thoughts as we moved on about our lives'.

This brings us to about a week ago when the tooth we had forgotten about started wiggling. One dentist visit later led to the fact that his tooth was detached from it's root and both needed to be removed. So, lo and behold we go to a dental surgeon. He suggests putting Wyatt down under antisthesia for the process- so as not to "totally freak him out." Of course Danny is working, an hour away, and I call him to make sure he is ok with this. We are ok with the process...but I am unaware of the journey I'm about to take.

Sitting in a chair with my three year old son's limp body, corneas twitching because he is "out" is by far the hardest thing I have ever had to do. The nurses informed me he was in an unconscious state and led me out of the room. I walked in to the waiting room and wept. By myself. Staring at the door and waiting for a nurse to come back and get me to tell me he was fine.

Sure enough the nurse came back to get me about 20 minutes later...which of course felt like an hour. She walked me back to his room and there he was...limp, eyes open but he was not there, twitching...they kept telling me he was "fine" and that "he did real well" but as his mother- I was scared. I just wanted him to focus. I wanted him to SEE me. I waited. And waited. Five minutes went by. Then ten more...I was starting to think that he was having trouble coming out of it. And then- his limp arm reached across his little body wrapping around my neck..."mommy" he whimpered...I was elated. Tears streamed down my face as I answered simply, "I'm here."


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